Useful Links

These guys create high quality backing tracks which are played by real top session players(not midi file). They cover most our our playing styles and different chord progression examples which are included with your purchase. It is a very useful source for practicing guitar and stimulation of your creative juice. Check them out.

1.Coffee Break Grooves




2.This is a web full of jazz and blues materials. A lot of useful information you can get here.


3.This is on of my place I always hang out. It owned by one of my friend and doing very well. They have a lot of good brands on guitars and effects,new and used. Check it out!!



4.(Wo!!) This is the most  professional web design company I ever seen in Hong Kong.They combine the ideas of web design and web marketing strategy.
They help me a lot on this beautiful web site and hope they will have a chance to help you too!



5.Music in Central , Every Night