Pinch Harmonics

Hi guys, what is ‘Pinch Harmonics’? Pinch harmonic is a high pitchy sound which produce by the player’s thumb or index finger on the picking hand slightly catches/touches the string immediately after it is picked, letting one of the overtones dominate.

Here are some tips I want to share with and, in order to, do it better!
Try them right away!

1. Using a high intensity distortion effects and high output pickups – the more gain/distortion you use, the easier it is to get a string to respond when you strike it with a pick.
2. Use a thick pick – a thinner pick is going to make it difficult to produce significant volume from the string. The less volume you are working with, the harder it will be to get the pinch harmonic to ring clearly.
3. Hold the pick very near the tip – this is necessary to allow your thumb to touch the string immediately after your pick has played it. This is what causes the pinch harmonic sound.
4. Use wide vibrato on the note that you apply pinch harmonic to – this will make your notes in general (and pinch harmonics in particular) to sustain much, much longer.
5. Use thicker strings (usually gauge 10 myself) – this helps with sustain and volume.
6. Attack the strings harder – this will help for the same reasons as using a lot of distortion and playing with a heavy pick. Greater response from the string, the easier effect can be achieved.
7. Preferably, using the bridge pick up when playing pinch harmonics – this adds more clarity to the notes you are playing and helps pinch harmonics ring out better.

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