2 Person Jam

It’s a fruitful learning experience to jam-song with another guitar friend during the guitar lessons. Also it’s wonderful to confirm that it’s a right decision for me to choose a Nylon Acoustic Electric guitar which I like and that I can use it to jam song with Electric Guitar! Furthermore, it’s good to learn guitar which allows me to play music in solitude and in group with other music lovers. To get the best out of the jam song process, it might be good for us to learn and practice the song beforehand.

Victor Chow

“IT’S FUN!周不時一齊JAM幾好 一來可以將課堂學到既野發揮出黎 二來可以同Gary佢地分享,交流音樂上既問題,知識等”


Here is our ‘2 person Jam’ which hold by 2 students with bonus lesson time 1 hour. Besides our band room jam session, this small-scale jam session will be held monthly. It let our student getting more chance to play with others in their regular lesson. They were sharing ideas, jamming or even exposing their weakness to each other in order to correct them. As a result, yielding more playing experience and letting themselves exploring more on guitar playing.