How to increase the efficiency of your playing motion

Hi, today I want to share the above issue that it is the biggest problem I always notice on students .They always seemed to feel ‘lost’ out of sync with their right hand and resulting bad sound or can’t pick faster.

– You do NOT need to pick with the least amount of motion per note.
– You do NOT need to use the least amount of force per note.

… but you DO need to minimize the motions that do not contribute to the sound you want to make. For example: when playing a scale, letting your pick move away from the guitar after each note is very inefficient (which makes it difficult to play fast).

Another example, when playing rhythm guitar (with all down strokes), you need to practice minimizing the time it takes
your hand to return to its original starting point (rather than trying to pick with the least amount of effort).

The efficiency of your fretting hand movements: The fingers of your fretting hand should not move too far away from the guitar neck (that’s I always teach my students on that), and you should be able to use each finger of the hand without affecting the behavior of other fingers. Likewise, your fretting hand will need to learn to act independently of the picking hand. In other words, the fretting hand will usually be required to apply less force to fret the notes than the picking hand will need to pick the notes (with some exceptions). You need to be able to control the behavior of each hand on its own, without involving the other hand.

So, focus your practice on developing the ability of both hands, your Coordination and Synchronization, to pick and fret each note simultaneously. Try some of the exercises below that hope will help you a bit more. Be Patience and clear on the note it play, otherwise, it will be just a wasting of time.


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