I want to play solos, but I don’t know much about Chords …do I need to learn….?

Hi guys, I had experiences that a student (not even one) more or less is a beginner, they are passionate to play solo guitar .They always talk about this one being good ,that one being good…I really want to do that…playing a bunch of notes but they seems to be nothing inside. But when we try to practice or learn a simple solo over a standard chord progression, they just stuck with what the chords are.

So Bear In mind guys, all Good guitar players know what ‘Chords’ are and have excellent chord vocabulary and chord voicing skills!!

‘Why do my solos sound boring?’ ‘Why do my solos not seem to be matched with the music?’ What I played sounds always the same?’…etc. Question, question spinning around. Did Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton only do solo and sing? I don’t think so!! They should probably not sitting in a class for a year to learn all those theories or course just like we studied in college or music centre. But sure was, they know or learned in so other ways what the chords are and how to play them.

Of course, we are not Steve Vainest SRV, not Joe Satriani. They have developed and already ‘ Mastered ‘ all the techniques they need to play one their solos. But besides these Super guitar techniques, they already have things to drive them to compose their solos in their way they want. What else empowers them to ‘Liberate’ what they want to express in the solos….?! I think mostly we will think of the musical texture, harmony and that’s what Chords do!.

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