An Interesting Comparison Music to Sports

Here ,I just want to take a chance to share some opinions that I’ve been given ,especially if you are a music lover or ,are playing a musical instrument ,or have parents who always like to tell their kids ‘Hey, please stop playing your guitar and concentrate on your examination right away !!’ There is really an interesting difference between these two activities (although it is truly different in both nature) which music can help better life .No Joking!

So first of all, Music makes people smarter.

Studies show Music enhances your intelligence and increases memory recall more than sports do. Mainly exercise physically and not your brain

Secondly, if we consider music in a wider picture, music is a Gift, Skill, and an Experience for your entire life. It’s an enjoyment for the whole of your life, whatever you are. You can’t play football at the age of 80, even 60.Sports are something temporary. However, learning music or playing an instrument is something more Valuable, the benefits can be enjoyed your entire life, not just in seasons or years.


Music is a year-round life form of activity. In order to enjoy it more, becoming better ,having more fun ,learning faster , ultimately being more creative not simply even in music ,but in any aspect of your life and enhances your critical thinking and creative thinking simultaneously; music is one of the few things can do both to your brain ,and brain development. This especially for students (young guys), that’s particular important to have that to enhance brain development.


Music is a release Stress Reducer. Stress reduction over a longer period, lasts much longer, and is more profound. Sports are a kind of ‘Escape’ from stress. It’s only for a short period, immediately after or while   you are exercising. We are healing, relaxation, soothing from some kind of music but not from sport. I think you probably you can’t calm down after watching an exciting football match especially, you are fans of whatever which side is playing.

For students who will take examinations, Studies show that student retain their knowledge if, studying in ‘Chunks’. It means the brain should be active and Simulated in different parts of the brain for a certain period of time in ‘Alternation‘ between for studying for one things or…whatever other things, something stimulate in different way.Music can be the best job on this.It stimulates left and right brain much more than sports does and for longer.

Let’s say you probably can’t study for 30 mins and play sport for 20 mins and back to study for 30 n sports again for 20mins in that way .Even your team mates or facilities won’t allow doing this. But for Music , you can effectively alternate  to focus on studies and give part of your brain a break with keep it simulate with music or playing an  instrument then comes back and alternating all day long. Its great your brain if you are studying in ‘Chunks’, it is a more effective mode to comply with. So don’t let your brain into ‘Dummy Mode’ when you are not studying. You can keep your own pace, schedule without affected by all factors on playing a sport. And still keep your brain stimulated.

Here is the most realistic issue!!Stopping music lessons or playing an instrument, makes resuming play in the future will be much harder and more expensive. Because, you are going to have to pay for the lessons to help bring to the level you were at when you quit. You need to spend time again to resume or bring things back you learned previously and waste of time and money to regain what you lost again. When I was still taking classical guitar lessons when I was young and quitted for the examination, I spent me more time to take it back because all the skills I had before were gone and needed re-practices.

Whatever which perspectives you take , I didn’t mean we were going to stop all our  sports activities right away and start playing music everyday throughout our entire life. Everybody has their own interest, choice and, sports are really good for our body’s health. But according to specific studies on them, it is an interesting piece of information for us to share w because both activities are indispensable in our today’s society..

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